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Earth Essence Acupuncture

Pre- & Post-Natal Treatments

"Pocean, you are a miracle worker!  My back feels a thousand times better since our session yesterday.  Thank you."

-Kim G., Doula in her Third Trimester of Pregnancy, Santa Cruz CA



"Baby J. arrived at 2:31am (3 hours after the treatment) so your session did its magic!!!  Totally unmedicated natural birth!  Big hug and shout out to you and acupuncture!"


-Anna H., Doula, Santa Cruz C

I am proud to be part of Organic Birth Santa Cruz, and The Birth Network of Santa Cruz.


In addition to acupuncture during your Pre-natal treatments, I integrate nutrition and diet, safe essential oils, herbs, gua sha, cupping, massage, cranio-sacral, custom pregnancy teas, and flower essence sprays to make the process as yummy as it should be.  I also offer training in acupressure for labor to the birthing partners.


  • First trimester - get relief from nausea, miscarriage prevention, mood and energy balancing...

  • Second trimester - get relief from body aches and pains, carpal tunnel, headaches, nutritional consultations...

  • Third trimester - help the baby and momma get in the right position for a smooth birth with moxa, acupuncture and massage.  Starting at week 36 or 37, weekly treatments are recommended to soften the cervix, facilitate proper hormone production, and increase the likelihood of a smooth, organic birth.

  • Acupuncture during labor can help the labor go smoothly, giving the birthing mother a break and a reboot to keep her energy balanced through the process. 

  • Post-natal Mother Warming - to help the organs go back into place and tighten, recharge and nourish the system, support the hormones, and support the mother in being in the best possible health.

I offer special pre- & post-natal packages, please contact Earth Essence for more information.

"Jeannine is not only an incredibly gifted body-worker, she is a beautiful being... Our appointments are centered primarily around acupuncture, and have had bits of moxibustion, cupping, craniosacral therapy, massage and dietary consultations woven throughout. The physical and emotional support she has provided is unparalleled. I've been seeing her since the first trimester of my pregnancy, and all throughout, she's been a powerful force of peace and assurance in my life. From curbing my nausea to helping me regain my energy and reducing the aches and pains of pregnancy, she's been the folcrum of my health during this major transition. In moments of emotional unrest, she's helped me access and release my feelings, allowing for peace of mind and easier communication with my partner and loved ones. As we begin preparing for labor, I know her treatments will help my body open and birth this baby. After the birth, I plan on calling on her for Mother Warming. Her healing tool-kit is very well stocked. She has a thorough knowledge of herbs and the medicine of food, and is generous with her willingness to share information. Recently, she blended a third-trimester tea that I picked up- its yummy goodness makes me increasingly grateful for her with each sip."


-Kaylin DeDiana, Yoga Instructor, New Mother, Santa Cruz CA

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