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Monthly Pediatric Lunar Treatments

When the moon is waxing and almost full, it exerts an influence not only on the tides of the oceans but also on the currents within our body. Children's currents move quicker and stronger than adults, and the full moon is a wonderful opportunity to treat, improve and balance a child's health as they grow. Pediatric Lunar treatments, originate from Japan. They are typically done for infants and children up until the age of 10 each month right before the full moon to enhance the immune system, strengthen the constitution, improve digestion, prevent and treat allergies and illnesses, and nourish the spirit - balancing your child's developing organ systems and meridians, or energy pathways. Best of all, kids love it! Pediatric Lunar treatments are painless, gentle and consist of Shonishin: massage with Japanese tapping tools which never penetrate the skin, Tuina, and occasionally moxa, cupping and essential oils. A session typically lasts only 30 minutes and it's amazing what improvements you may see in your child's health! Children look forward to this ritual and parents enjoy learning what they can do to help prevent and treat symptoms at home. When a child is given 12 treatments per year, once a month, problems that might arise due to weather, diet, emotions, or lifestyle will be avoided. The child’s treatment can be fine-tuned for any acute concerns. Call 831-200-4325 or email to set up an appointment and join us for this lovely monthly tradition!

Upcoming Dates: Friday January 22, 1-8:30pm, & Saturday January 23, 3-6pm. Rates: Monthly Lunar Treatments - $45; Regular pediatric office visits - $50. Lunar packages available: 12 month package for over 15% off = $455 6 month package for 10% off = $243 Ask about income challenged rates if needed. Location: TULA Center for Body Works 3065 Porter Street, Suite 105 Soquel, California 95073 For more information about Holistic Pediatrics, contact Jeannine *Pocean* Lac, CMT at 831-200-HEAL (4325),, and to learn more about her mind~body~spirit balancing practice for Adults as well as children, including obstetrics, check out

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