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Why Earth Essence? (From Spring Newsletter, May 2016)

Monthly Pediatric Lunar Treatment

Inspired by Spring and the element of Wood, I have decided to birth an Earth Essence Newsletter! You will find tips and ideas of how to navigate staying healthy in the Spring Season, special offerings, updates on my doings, and events available to the community. Please enjoy, and feel free to contact me with any questions or to book a treatment at


Why Earth Essence? I was born in April into the Earth sign of Taurus according to Western Astrology, and in the Chinese Medical Five Element system am considered an Earth because of innate qualities I possess. With April comes the Springtime, when the Wood Element shines. The Wood element is linked to the Liver and Gall Bladder. It is the element of birthing projects, creative expression, spreading and opening. This is the perfect time to activate your projects, organize your home and get things done. Let yourself sing, dance, do art, play - move your energy, or Qi! A Wood out of balance could manifest as headaches, anger, frustration, irregular menstrual cycles for women, and lack of movement in your life. Balancing your Wood element could be as simple as starting your day with a glass of warm water and lemon, daily exercise like walks, Qi Gong and Yoga, singing out loud to your favorite music, doing a Spring cleanse, and of course my favorite - getting an Acupuncture tune-up or a soothing massage!

As many of you know, I am now practicing at Tula in Soquel, offering a unique and powerful fusion of Traditional and Five Element Acupuncture, Cranio-Sacral therapy, healing and balancing Massage, Herbs, Essences, and dietary & lifestyle consultations. My specialties include, but are not limited to: Obstetrics, Psycho-emotional balancing with Five Elements, pain management, immune system support, Pediatrics and Geriatrics. I also do long distance energy healings with a system that combines many ancient and modern techniques, such as Theta to clear energy blockages, align the systems, update soul contracts, and integrate life experiences. An energy session such as this is supported with a custom Flower and Gem Essence Blend made from essences that I have gathered and wild-crafted around the world. If you have not had the opportunity to get a session from me, I am offering $15 off your first treatment if you mention this newsletter when you book! If you live in the Nevada City area, I will be coming up one weekend a month through August for an herbal apprenticeship, and may have time for private sessions. Email to find out more.


"Another great treatment. Was feeling exhausted and burnt out from overwork and I got a combo of acupuncture and cranial-sacral therapy. The next day, I had more energy and a MUCH better attitude! thanks again." - Christopher R., Minister, Healer, Teacher


I am excited to be in network with Blue Shield of California! If you have Blue Shield, it is very likely you can receive healing treatments with me through your insurance! I also accept out of network coverage for certain plans. If you are wondering if your insurance will cover treatments with me, I would be glad to check for you!


Every month right around the full moon, I have been offering Pediatric Lunar Treatments designed to support and soothe growing pains, and provide overall health maintenance to enfants through 10. Just like the tides in the oceans are strongest around the full moon, our Qi can be scattered and stronger too - hence your child might be experiencing more agitation, trouble sleeping, or be even more playful than normal! We have been having so much fun! I have puppets, stickers, and games to make it fun as well as healing! No needles are typically used, only massage with special Japanese tools called Shonishin. This month's Lunar Treatment is scheduled for Thursday April 21st - make an appointment to come in this month, and let's get started on a balancing rhythm as your child grows and thrives! Each month, as available, I am offering a free treatment to a child in need - Email to find out more.


"I brought my 6 month old baby in for her Monthly Pediatric Lunar treatment with Jeannine Ruskin. It's a meridian treatment to stimulate the immune system and creates balance throughout the body. She was friendly, gentle with my baby, professional and knowledgeable. I really appreciated that she showed me a couple of techniques for massaging my baby at home. I look forward to our next months appointment." - Jemini H, Hair Stylist


I feel blessed to be a part of Organic Birth Santa Cruz (OBSC), an amazing team of Doulas, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, a Chiropractor, a Yoga Instructor, a Belly Henna artist, and Child Birth Educators passionate about making natural, organic birth possible! We offer pre- and post-natal care, and birth support. I have been able to attend several births as an on-call birth Acupuncturist, supporting these amazing women to have a natural, beautiful birth experience! And you better believe I bring my special Birthing Blend Flower Essence along! If you are pregnant, or know someone who is, check us out at, and "Like" us on Facebook! Many of the Doula packages include three acupuncture/ massage sessions!


"Thank you so much for your wonderful work and presence. You helped J. a lot. Hadassah was born at 12:30am this morning [1.5 hours after her treatment with you]." - Shira, Proud New Grandmother, Santa Cruz CA


Giving back: In March, I offered community style healing acupuncture treatments at the Synergy Equinox fundraiser event! It was all by donation, sponsored by Bodhi Addiction Treatment and Wellness ( A percentage was given to The Santa Cruz Community Hardship Fund (recipient: Malaina Taylor), World Disaster Relief, and Children's Curriculum for Life Project. I treated 13 people - for many of them it was their first time trying acupuncture! I also participated in the Berning for Health fundraiser! I offered a couple treatment slots to new patients who wanted to donate to Bernie Sanders - 75% was donated to the Campaign! It feels good to give back!

What's happening: Robin Green LAc, one of my mentors and teachers, is starting up regular Chinese Medicine classes for Parents! If you have been at all curious about how you can use Chinese medicine to support your child, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Her first class, "Allergy Remedies for Kids that Really Work!" is coming up on April 11. You can learn more and register by clicking on following link, and get 30% off with the coupon code ACUKIDS.

And remember, if you've been considering getting a session with me, I am offering $15 off your first treatment! Schedule online at, email, or call 831-200-4325(Heal). And “Like” Earth Essence on Facebook to find out about more specials and offerings at!


"I have received multiple acupuncture and massage sessions from Pocean, and she is amazing!!! I have back problems and have seen her when I'm in pain and needing relief. The experience of the session was very calming and made me feel so good. Afterwards, I felt great relief in my body and emotional state. Because of my great experiences with Pocean, I treated my friend who was visiting from out of town to a session. She absolutely loved it and said it was the best treatment she'd ever received. She still brings it up to me almost every time we talk. She says she is planning another trip (from Portland) to see Pocean, and will visit me as well while she's at it." - Carley C., Environmental Scientist

In Good Health,

Jeannine Ruskin LAc CMT, aka Pocean



"Hands down - best massage in town.. Pocean combines her vast background in bodywork with the acupuncture meridians .. incredibly powerful - can't wait to test more acupuncture next! :-)" - Lynn S., student

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