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Your Healing Journey Continues, Accessible Long Distance Options

These are such potent times! I am moving into week 3 of Shelter-in-Place here in Santa Cruz, which has motivated me to ramp up my long distance offerings, increasing the ways I can support my patients, community, friends, colleagues and family. I am so grateful to have a handful of wonderful, accessible and potent healing offerings at a time when it seems it is needed the most. Please keep reading, or scroll down to see some wonderful ways to continue your healing journey from anywhere: Telehealth Consultations, Light Therapy treatments, Ear Seed Kits, a Spring Health Reset, and easy nutritious simple food options!

Please note that I am still offering Acupuncture treatments if they are a medical necessity, while practicing enhanced protection protocols (I wear an N95 mask, clean and sanitize my hands regularly, disinfect surfaces, keep OnGuard essential oil diffusing and HEPA air purifier in the treatment room, etc.). If you are exhibiting symptoms of fever, sore throat, dry cough, difficulty breathing, or digestive upset, please consult your doctor and set up a Telehealth Consultation with me to get custom herbs and treatment options from a distance. So, even if you cannot come in for your regular Acupuncture, your healing journey continues!

The way I see our current global situation, we have been given the opportunity to focus more on our health and well being than ever. Please feel free to reach out with questions or suggestions on how I can support you more. I am grateful and humbled to be on this journey with you all.

In Good Health,

Jeannine Ruskin L.Ac. C.M.T. aka Pocean


I am now offering Telehealth Consultations over Zoom or by phone. In these sessions, we do a check-in and come up with an herbal, supplemental and dietary regime to support you where you are at. In addition, you will have the option of a custom Light Therapy patching protocol using LifeWave patches. All herbs, patches and supplements are mailed to you, or dropped off depending on where you live.

Some insurance plans are even covering Telehealth right now – reach out if you’d like me to check your coverage. Click HERE to book your Telehealth session.


Spring Health Reset:

I am excited to be co-facilitating a Spring Health Reset! There has never been a better time to proactively fortify our Immunity as well as our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic well being. We have a team of 6 Health and Wellness practitioners offering FREE support for physical, emotional, mental, and energetic resilience during this intensive time (see flyer just below!). Please EMAIL if you want to participate, or connect your friends and family with me to learn more about it.

This Spring Health Transformation group starts April 7th with a rolling admission through the next month. This 30-Day program is deeply transforming for most people. I know that many people are experiencing a financial strain, and I assure you that most people spend a lot less on groceries during these 30 days, and receive many times more nutrition and benefit for health and immunity than we ever can with grocery-store bought food.

This is an opportunity to:

~ Nourish your cells with the highest purity and potent organic superfood nutrition for optimal function,

~ Detoxify glyphosate (RoundUp) and other toxins so that we have greater ability to fight off pathogens,

~ Restore healthy functioning gut microbiome, which is essential for immunity, for the ability to digest nutrients, protect against toxins, and for mental/emotional health.

For more information on the Spring Health Transformation, CLICK HERE. If you or someone you know is interested, please EMAIL and we can set up a FREE consultation to put together your custom Reset kit!


Ear Seed Kits:

Ear Seek kits are available with easy to use protocols by condition, such as Immunity, Cough, Back Pain, Digestive support, and much more! They have a wonderful Pediatric Kit created by one of my own teachers Robin Green L.Ac. that covers anything you can imagine you would need for your child’s well being, Click HERE to check these kits out!


Your Breakfast Cure:

Many of us have been stocking up on healthy, shelf stable, easy food items. If you’re looking for something simple and healthy to fill your belly, Breakfast Cure offers easy overnight Congee packets curated by my colleague Karen Taylor L.Ac., a Licensed Acupuncturist from Oregon. Congee, or Jook, is a traditional Chinese dish with a base of rice cooked overnight into a porridge. It is simple, tasty, easy to digest, and even healing to the gut. You can try it by clicking HERE, and make sure to use the discount code jeanyaduveifi to apply towards your first purchase. This is a great complimentary nutrition to add to the Spring Health Reset!


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