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Earth Essence Acupuncture

"I've had a lot of acupuncture, it's always helped, but never on the foundational level.  My last treatment with Jeannine was life changing!  I thought I would always have neck pain, but after one treatment, the neck pain was gone and hasn't come back!"

-Jane F., Santa Cruz CA


"You are the best practitioner I have ever had and I've had a lot - even old Chinese doctors - you've so far been the best one."

-Ed O., Santa Cruz CA


"Pocean, you are a miracle worker!  My back feels a thousand times better since our session yesterday.  Thank you."

-Kim G., Doula in her Third Trimester of Pregnancy, Santa Cruz CA

"Jeannine is not only an incredibly gifted body-worker, she is a beautiful being. For anyone doing energy-work, it's critical they keep themselves happy and healthy, and this one's light shines bright. Our appointments are centered primarily around acupuncture, and have had bits of moxibustion, cupping, craniosacral therapy, massage and dietary consultations woven throughout. The physical and emotional support she has provided is unparalleled. I've been seeing her since the first trimester of my pregnancy, and all throughout, she's been a powerful force of peace and assurance in my life. From curbing my nausea to helping me regain my energy and reducing the aches and pains of pregnancy, she's been the folcrum of my health during this major transition. In moments of emotional unrest, she's helped me access and release my feelings, allowing for peace of mind and easier communication with my partner and loved ones. As we begin preparing for labor, I know her treatments will help my body open and birth this baby. After the birth, I plan on calling on her for Mother Warming. Her healing tool-kit is very well stocked. She has a thorough knowledge of herbs and the medicine of food, and is generous with her willingness to share information. Recently, she blended a third-trimester tea that I picked up- its yummy goodness makes me increasingly grateful for her with each sip."


-Kaylin DeDiana, Yoga Instructor, New Mother, Santa Cruz CA

"Dr Pocean is amazing and my 3yr old daughter really looks forward to going and seeing her. We have had really positive experience and positive results. My daughter was dealing with digestive issues and she helped make my daughter an active participant in her healing. Dr. Pocean really has a way with children and makes the appointment really fun. I'm going to start bringing my one and a 1-1/2yr old daughter for a pediatric lunar treatments as well."


-Laura M., Restaurant Owner, Mother, Santa Cruz CA

"Leela loved her treatment with Pocean, she was getting over a cold so she got a little extra immune boosting and was visibly improved after her treatment, going from coughing all day to barely at all! She also conked out for a long peaceful nap and woke up happy, no whining, and asking for 'more treatment pwease'! We will see you next full moon!"

Ashley Shanti, Doula, Mother, Santa Cruz CA



"I brought my 6 month old baby in for her Monthly Pediatric Lunar treatment with Jeannine Ruskin. It's a meridian treatment to stimulate the immune system and creates balance throughout the body. She was friendly, gentle with my baby, professional and knowledgable. I really appreciated that she showed me a couple of techniques for massaging my baby at home. I look forward to our next months appointment."

Jemini, Hair Stylist & Personal Organizer, Mother, Ben Lomond CA



"I have received multiple acupuncture and massage sessions from Pocean, and she is amazing!!! I have back problems and have seen her when I'm in pain and needing relief. The experience of the session was very calming and made me feel so good. Afterwards, I felt great relief in my body and emotional state.


Because of my great experiences with Pocean, I treated my friend who was visiting from out of town to a session. She absolutely loved it and said it was the best treatment she'd ever received. She still brings it up to me almost every time we talk. She says she is planning another trip (from Portland) to see Pocean, and will visit me as well while she's at it."


-Carley C., Environmental Scientist, Santa Cruz CA

"Honestly Jeannine, I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me already.  My eyes are welling up with tears when I think about how much kindness and understanding you have shown me.  You are truly a healer."

-A., Santa Cruz CA



"I have been working with Jeannine now for several months receiving therapeutic massage and acupuncture. I have tried many other practitioners, but as soon as I met Jeannine, I knew my search was over. She is a natural healer, has a broad range of skills that compliment each other, and she is easy and comforting to be around. One of the last times I worked with her, I had an extremely stiff back and assumed there would be little she could do for me. I went away from our session feeling completely relaxed and my back eased up almost 100%. I was afraid that would only last a few days, but I took her advice regarding stretching, and my back continued to feel better. Jeannine really listens and cares about serving her clients well. Thanks, Jeannine!"


-Janie R., Marriage and Family Therapist, Berkeley CA


"She has an amazing assortment of magical healing tools! Being 77 years old and having had a Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt placement operation 2 years ago to remove water from my brain, Jeannine has been extremely helpful to my various conditions. I've been working with Jeannine for at least 9 months. The acupuncture has made it easier to walk and improved my balance. Plus, being a special tender person, her voice is so soft, her mood is enlightening and healing for me.  Anyone who meets Jeannine, otherwise known as Pocean, will really enjoy her presence."


-Dan Stolpe, World Reknowned Artist, Santa Cruz CA




"Pocean treated me when I injured my shoulder (A/C) joint. Her acupuncture helped to ease the pain tremendously, and sped the healing process.


Her "bedside manner" is wonderful, very nurturing energy and compassionate communication. As far as needle insertion, it was one of the most painless and easeful acupuncture sessions I've ever had - definitely a pro.

In all, a wonderful and healing experience!"


-Christopher Real, Taoist Priest & Qi Gong Instructor, Santa Cruz CA




"I recently had my first acupuncture experience and was very pleased the it ended up being with Pocean, she took the time to assess what was going on with my mind, body and spirit before deciding on a treatment approach. I will be engaging her again in the future and would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a holistic approach to wellness and healing. On top of her obvious professional skills her heart and compassion are what really separate her from other practitioners. Thank you Pocean."


-Doug M., Communications Distribution Designer, Davis CA




"Jeannine, you gave me the best follow up treatment!  Immediately last night knew that I was cured.  You do so well with your treatments!  Thank you for making me well!  Without you it woudn't happen.  One coughing spell before bed, after that my passage feels clear and throat not sore anymore.  My best day today!"


-Anne E., Santa Cruz CA




"Baby J. arrived at 2:31am (3 hours after the treatment) so your session did its magic!!!  Totally unmedicated natural birth!  Big hug and shout out to you and acupuncture!"


-Anna H., Doula, Santa Cruz CA




"Thank you so much for your wonderful work and presence.  Hadassah was born at 12:30am this morning, 1.5 hours after her treatment with you."


-Shira, Proud New Grandmother, Santa Cruz CA





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